To celebrate World Environment Day we put out a call to our customers and employees for old mobiles and accessories to be recycled as part of the MobileMuster program – and you certainly delivered!

Throughout June, Telstra employees and customers did their bit for the environment by recycling 1,310kg of mobile phone components at our stores and corporate offices. That’s the equivalent of 16,176* handsets – well above our campaign target of 10,000 handsets.

Telstra will now donate $10,000 to Landcare Australia (one of our community partners), delivering on our pledge to donate $1 for each recycled mobile handed in throughout June (up to a maximum of $10,000).

I would like to thank our staff and customers for helping Telstra’s commitment to protecting the environment by keeping these mobile phones, and their accessories, out of landfill.

All items collected through MobileMuster are recycled and are not re-used or refurbished. We do however suggest that customers remove their SIM card and delete personal information from handsets before recycling.

Recycling your old mobile phones helps to slow the rate of waste to landfill, and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

There are more than 330 Telstra stores and centres across Australia. These provide convenient and easily accessible locations for our customers and allow us to gather and recycle the phones and make a significant contribution to reducing potentially hazardous landfill.

If you can’t get to go to a Telstra store, visit to find out where you can collect a satchel to recycle by post.”

* Based on an average weight of 0.081kg per handset