How can you stay at the top end of the temperature gauge this winter? An extra pair of socks? A big woolly jacket? Forget the old world solutions, we take a look at some of the hottest (pun intended) 21st century tech to keep you warm now and in the future.

So don’t ditch your hot water bottle and woolly slippers just yet, but the future of winter warmers is looking to be smarter than ever.

Connecting Your Home

A home connected on the nbntm network is all about bumping up that creature comfort quota and controlling your energy consumption. Tech has the power to remove the chill factor from your early morning dash to the shower, and make sure your kettle is already boiling when you bounce out of bed.

But building a home of the future is less about tools and tradesmen as it is about the right connectivity. So if you’re thinking that a smart thermostat might make your night on the couch that little bit more comfy or you’d sleep better with a temperature controlled smart mattress – you’re going to need a central platform to control everything and a reliable internet connection, like an nbn service, allowing you to run a number of devices and applications at the same time.

There is also an emerging line of virtual voice integrators such as The Google Assistant, revealed at Google’s I/O conference last month. The connected artificial intelligence is the tech giant’s response to Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Apple’s Siri.

The Smartest Casserole Ever

Cold winter nights in Australia mean swapping the summer barbeque for the beef stew and the prawn salad for a pot roast.

Slow cookers are a great solution for easy winter meals. Having one in your kitchen means that with a little foresight and some preparation you can have a delicious home cooked meal ready when you get home from work. Slow cookers are great for everything from lentil soup with goat’s cheese toast to chicken and bacon casserole.

But let’s take the common cooker one step further: one smart solution for saving time upping the tech stakes is the Belkin Smart Slow Cooker. This connected device comes as part of a new wave of smart kitchen appliances that give you the power to control your dinner even when you’re out and about. By connecting with the Belkin app you can sync your phone to all of the features of the crock-pot and control remotely.

Going to be home early? Crank up the temperature. Running late? Slow things down so that you have a succulent meal ready for when you step through the door.

Keeping Down The Cost

One of the biggest worries going into winter is the cost of keeping warm. Colder weather means more time in the hot shower, rising gas bills from running heaters and larger electricity bills from lighting those dark winter nights.

Thankfully, smart tech has started to catch up with our utilities as well as our entertainment, with a number of great options on the horizon to keep you toasty without the worry.

Solar energy can be a great solution for keeping electricity bills down, but winter means shorter days with less light. Imagine then if you could turn every one of your windows into a solar panel. Oxford University has been developing photovoltaic window panes that could be perfect to help capture sunlight when it is lower in the sky over winter – combine that with double glazing to keep your house cosy and your bills down.

For everyone out there used to seeing the gas bill skyrocket over winter thanks to a family-worth of ‘5 more minutes’ in the shower, smart water heaters might be the answer. According to Aquanta who are building one of the first commercially available models, heating water is one of the second highest energy producing costs. Their product hopes to cut down on the cost by teaching your regular water heater what time of day you need water most, and when to turn up the heat. The app even lets you know if something isn’t working properly and tells you how much hot water is left.

Telstra’s Smart HomeTM

Telstra Smart Home, launching later this year, will feature a range of connected technologies all controlled through one simple app, allowing customers to set up tailored automations for their home and control them when they’re out and about and with an internet connection.

Telstra Smart home will be able to help you bring your home to life, save energy and money over winter. Heat up your home before you walk in the door, or have the thermostat switch off when there’s no one using a room, switch off your appliances with your app as you rush out the door, or turn off all the lights at bedtime with one simple tap.

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