As part of a landmark partnership between Telstra and the South Australian government, we will connect almost every government school in the state to a high-speed fibre optic network, delivering speeds up to a thousand times faster than before.

The massive undertaking will see 514 government schools across the state of South Australia connected to a high-speed fibre optic network capable of speeds of 1Gbps and beyond, improving some schools’ internet access speeds by up to a thousand times.

The agreement will also enable thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cables to be leveraged throughout the state – running past the front doors of small businesses, hospitals, independent schools and other public sector agencies, making high-speed internet connection a viable reality for almost every town across South Australia.

“Fast, reliable internet connectivity is critical in the modern world, and our students will now benefit from this landmark network expansion that will help deliver a world class education system,” said South Australia’s Premier Steven Marshall.

“The expanded fibre optic network will not only provide high speed internet to our public schools, it also puts a fibre optic connection within reach of thousands of small businesses, public agencies and independent schools.”

We’re proud to be working with the South Australian government to deliver the new network for students and teachers across the state, allowing educators more seamless access to curriculum resources and professional development and helping students experience new ways of learning.

We are excited to help level the technological playing field for public school students in regional and remote locations as well as open the doors for new digital education methods. It will now be possible for almost every public school student across the state to have access to educational collaboration tools as well as emerging virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Demand for connectivity is growing exponentially in Australia and around the world, which makes fast and equitable internet access crucial not only for the students of South Australia, but for the future competitiveness of the state.

We expect this network expansion will be completed over the next 18 months, with 98.8% of SA schools connected to fibre by the middle of 2020. We’re also working with the SA Department for Education to provide alternative fast internet solutions to schools that are too remote to connect to the expanded fibre network.