Our smart devices might offer us a myriad of ways to connect with one another – video calling, instant messaging, even livestreaming ourselves via social media – but the voice call is still at the heart of mobile communication. So we’re giving it a next generation edge, by enabling Wi-Fi calling capabilities across more smartphones than ever before.

We’ve extended Wi-Fi calling capability to more Telstra customers around Australia, as we roll the technology out across the next wave of compatible devices, enabling them to keep in touch via an accessible Wi-Fi connection[1].

Because there are still areas of Australia where even the best mobile network can’t reach – for example those living in blackspots on the edge of our expansive coverage footprint, or working in buildings not designed with mobile coverage in mind – Wi-Fi calling provides a solution to a frustrating lack of signal.

It’s a simple enough concept. When there’s no mobile reception to be found, provided your smartphone is Wi-Fi capable and within range of an accessible Wi-Fi network, the call will automatically be made via your Wi-Fi connection. This includes any of the 900,000 Telstra Air hotspots across Australia.

Wi-Fi calling makes your mobile more mobile than ever, giving you the freedom to pace the room and get the run down on your nearest and dearest’s lives.

There’s no need for a third party app on capable phones to enable Wi-Fi calling or to do anything at all differently for that matter; just dial the number as you would normally and enjoy a chat when you may not be otherwise able to.

And if you can’t quite believe it’s as simple as that, take a look at our case study couple, Annette and Wayne from Victoria to see just how Wi-Fi calling enhances your ability to make calls in blackspot areas.

To confirm whether your device supports Wi-Fi calling and to activate the feature, simply head to Settings > Phone > Enable Wi-Fi calling. Please note that your software must be updated to the latest version and have VoLTE enabled to use Wi-Fi calling.

Find out more about Telstra Wi-Fi calling here.

[1] Available to Telstra consumer customers in Australia, and subject to firewall settings for that Wi-Fi connection