Africa is a vast continent with increasing connectivity needs – and challenges. Our man on the ground, Justin Lord, shares insight into Telstra’s role in helping businesses connect in the region.

While our growth ambitions in Asia are well-known, few people know we also operate in Africa. For the past 10 years we’ve been helping international businesses looking for connectivity into and out of the continent, in addition to helping African companies with their international technology needs.

How we help businesses connect in Africa

Our expertise and partnerships mean we can advise customers on the most optimal connectivity solutions based on the infrastructure available in various countries. For example, we have a point of presence in Johannesburg that connects land cables with our subsea cables, which in turn provide onwards connectivity to Europe and Asia. We have also increased the number of partnerships we have with local providers, which means we can now provide connectivity to 44 African countries.

To put this into perspective, a customer may come to us looking to expand into Uganda. In this case, we would provide an end to end solution from the customer’s Uganda site, using in-country terrestrial capacity, then use our subsea cable routes to the nearest Telstra point of presence – be that South Africa, Europe, Asia or the Americas. This connectivity solution would enable us to deliver a number of core services into the remote Africa region.

Opportunities ahead

Many of the international customers we work with in Africa are in the Mining, Financial and Media industries and we see further opportunity ahead in these areas. In the mining industry, for example, we provide connectivity for mining companies along the Ivory Coast and we’re working closely with Telstra Mining Services to help more tier one global producers who have operations in Africa and Australia to connect into the region.

There is also huge potential to help local businesses expand into international markets. Companies like Telkom SA, MTN and CMC Networks are constantly looking to expand and we’re working with these African companies to deliver connectivity to our core international markets.

Take a look at our interactive network map for more detail on our coverage into and out of Africa: