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Code Club Australia, helping kids code their way to a brighter future

Technology For Kids

Posted on February 2, 2015

3 min read

Kelly Tagalan, the National Programme Manager for Code Club Australia, shares with us the importance of code for kids.

I met Hannah* last December. I doubt Hannah would know it, but she made a big impression on me.

It was just a handful of words – carefully chosen, and shared so bravely. She said, “Code Club has woken up my spirit.”

That is when I realised I had been wrong. I thought we were giving kids a chance to learn to code – an increasingly important life skill – in a collaborative environment, led by cool adult volunteers. As it turns out, there is so much more to it.

We already knew our programs were great at teaching computational thinking and at creating a space for kids to do clever things with the power of code. This is why we were so excited to bring the globally successful Code Club model to Australia.

But according to kids like Hannah, we are also helping to build their self confidence and ignite a passion for learning. Hear what Hannah and her Code Club-mates have to say about Code Club in their student-produced video below.

Watch: The impression Code Club made at Hampden Park Public School

Code Club Australia is a network of after school clubs for kids aged 9-11 years. It’s led by teachers and volunteers who run weekly hour-long sessions in schools, libraries and community centres across Australia. Sessions emphasise fun, creativity and learning-through-exploring. Children are trained in programming by creating games and they are encouraged to think creatively and to build problem-solving skills.

In Australia, high school aged youth are given the opportunity to participate in a concentrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program as part of the curriculum. We think this learning should start earlier. Studies report that by this stage, young people are already self-selecting out of STEM subjects – that is, science, technology, engineering and mathematics – especially girls.

“Technology, in my opinion, is a boys’ subject,” says Hannah. I have it on good authority that Hannah attends a warm and supportive learning environment and, if her smile is any indication, she seems to me a happy kid. The thing is, Hannah is one of millions of girls worldwide that feel girls are not as successful in STEM subjects as boys.

Code Club is changing that. Code Club is designed to be inclusive of kids who face barriers to thriving in STEM education. Our programs are free and can be set up with just a little guidance from a Code Club volunteer.

So we’re looking for people to join the Code Club crusade. Help us inspire kids to be more confident and more capable: Start a Code Club or become a volunteer today.

Learn more at the Code Club website.

Partnering with the Telstra Foundation

Telstra Foundation is the founding founder of Code Club Australia – investing more than $1 million to give every child in Australia the chance to learn code and train teachers how to do it.

While teaching kids to code now may help solve a future skills shortage, coding also builds kids problem-solving abilities, digital confidence and helps kids understand the world around them.

Together Code Club Australia and Telstra Foundation will prioritise kids that often miss out on opportunities, including those living: with a disability, in low socio-economic areas and in regional, rural or remote communities.

– Jackie Coates, Telstra Foundation General Manager

* The name of the child I met through Code Club has been changed in this blog to protect the privacy of that child.