At CES 2010, I came across a company called Cocoon Innovations. Cocoon makes a wide range of protective, yet stylish bags for high-tech traveler. They also created GRID-IT!® – an elastic weave organizing system that secures your tech accessories so you don’t waste time searching for a charger or USB drive at the bottom of your bag. It’s one of those great tech accessories that makes you to ask, “why didn’t I think of that?”

If you have read my blogs over the years, you know I love my tech toys. Back in November 2009, after a lot of soul-searching, I finally confessed to being a geek! Part of being a geek is that I tend to carry a variety of devices with me at any point in time, including my laptop, tablet and Bluetooth keyboard, eReader. And of course, each device usually has an accessory or two. Add to this list the mandatory USB drives, portable USB hub, emergency battery, SD cards, headphones and more, this collection can easily become a mess! Which is why us geeks need our tech bags.

Search through the house of any geek, and apart from seeing a multitude of geeky gadgets, you will most likely find a collection of bags and backpacks that have been discarded in favour of the latest and greatest one to cross their line of sight (This is not theory – at least not in my house!). At CES this year, I was amazed by the vast array of innovative tech bags that appealed to the inner (and not so inner) geek in us all. Designer labels; inbuilt solar panels for device charging; leather; faux leather; with wheels; modular; and so much more. My head is still spinning eight months later when I think about them.

There was one stand-out product that ticked so many boxes in my mental checklist of the “why I just have to have it” accessory category. Announced (and teased) in January, the Cocoon SLIM backpack has been on sale in the US (exclusive to Apple Stores) and Cocoon’s website for just over a month. Apple US have it on their website (which is from where I ordered mine) for $US79.95 plus tax. I understand from the folks at Cocoon we will be seeing the SLIM in Australia soon, but I do not have a date, nor could I wait.

Why did I fall for the Cocoon SLIM?

  • It’s minimalist design. It doesn’t yell out to everyone that you are carrying an expensive laptop on your back.
  • It’s SLIM fit. Next, it was the fact that it is what it says it is – SLIM. The Cocoon SLIM is only 3.5” deep when fully packed. Add to this the amazing 26.67cm x 40.64cm (16” x 10.5”) GRID-IT!® front pocket that ensures you will never have a messy bag again. Depending on what I am carrying at the time, I can configure GRID-IT!® to my own requirements.
  • You can add “order” and “flexible” to the lists of positives.

The SLIM is designed to hold a 15” MacBook Pro (or equivalent), a tablet, and some documents – although I guess with a laptop and a tablet, the need to have hard copy documents goes against the general theme. (I have used this pocket to carry either my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet or Barnes and Noble Nook eReader). There is also an external pocket for additional storage – secured with a zip fastener. At first I thought it strange there was no pen/stylus holder in the main pocket, until the Obi-Wan Kenobi-like voice in my head told me to “Use the GRID-IT!®”.

Although it is SLIM in name and nature, this bag protects your precious tech toys both from the inside and the out. The laptop pocket is padded, and each device facing internal surface is lined in faux suede, ensuring you won’t end up with unsightly scratches on screens or cases. The SLIM is made of water resistant ballistic nylon and fitted with waterproof zip fasteners to keep everything inside safe and dry. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and a gunmetal finish to the zip handles complete the package.

Having carried the SLIM for just over a week, I can honestly say it brings order to my technology chaos. Definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: L:31.11 × D:6.99 × H:45.54 cm
L:26.03×D:3.05×H:36.19 cm
: L:26.67 x H:40.64 cm Weight
  • WEIGHT: 1.14 kg
  • PRICE: $US79.95 ex
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