We need to work in partnership with governments and the wider community to minimise the environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change. At Telstra, as we strive to be a world class technology company, we accept our responsibility to help facilitate low-carbon growth, to minimise our emissions and to improve community resilience to changing climate. We are working to innovate and leverage technology to help our customers and our communities respond to climate change. Technology and technological innovation is an essential enabler of low-carbon economic growth.

What’s our approach?

Our response to addressing climate change is focused on key three areas:

Building resilience

Our infrastructure is a long term asset, and often located in remote areas exposed to extreme weather conditions. Increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events can damage and disrupt our operations and service delivery. This year, we conducted a climate change risk assessment in order to better understand the risks posed by climate change to our infrastructure and people, and identify actions to strengthen resilience within our business.

Minimising our emissions

We strive to reduce energy consumption within our operations by identifying and implementing energy reduction and efficiency initiatives and investing in renewables. To learn more about our response, please refer to the Operational Excellence section of this chapter.

Helping to enable low-carbon economic growth

We are working with our customers to develop solutions that help them reduce their environmental impacts. To learn more about our approach, please refer to the Environmental Stewardship chapter of our Bigger Picture 2016 Sustainability Report.

How are we tracking?

In FY16 we:
  • Reduced our greenhouse emissions intensity by 56 per cent from our FY14 baseline year.
  • Invested $7.5 million in energy reduction projects saving 33,900 MWh of electricity.
  • Conducted a climate change risk assessment to better understand the risks posed and identify actions to build resilience within our business.

What’s next?

In FY17 we will:
  • Develop a climate change adaptation plan

Find out more

Download our climate change position statement.

Download our FY16 environmental data pack.