At Telstra we work hard every day to meet your expectations that we will protect your privacy and keep your data secure, while also acting with transparency and living up to our legal obligations.

To back this up, we already make the personal information we hold available to you through our bills and My Account service and we are the only telco in Australia to run a metadata access system for you to be able to access more network information than ever before.

The Privacy Commissioner has recently released a decision relating to Telstra and one of our customers that would create some uncertainty for the Australian technology and communications sector, Telstra and our customers.

We already provide access to personal information, but this decision could extend this practice to every single piece of data in our networks regardless of whether the data reveals the identity or anything else about someone.

We respect the role the Privacy Commissioner plays and we share his commitment to transparency, but we will be seeking a review of the determination. As it stands, this determination would require us to go well beyond the lawful assistance we provide to law enforcement agencies today. It also goes well beyond what we have to retain under the Government’s data retention regime.

Given the broad implications of the decision on the Australian economy and its potential impact on the continued evolution of new technologies in our sector, we feel we need clarification on some important points in the decision. We look forward to gaining that certainty through a review process.

The full details on our privacy policy and our commitment to protecting your privacy is available on our website.