Choice has published an analysis of selected mobile and internet plans offered by Telstra and the industry.

This analysis is flawed and takes into consideration just a handful of the many plans we provide and ignores the rest, especially the key plans we promote to customers.

In its analysis Choice misses many of our most popular and comparable plans and fails to consider things customers tell us are most important, such as the breadth, speeds and availability of our network and the extras we include like free and unlimited access to Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network, free AFL season passes, NRL season passes included in mobile plans, free home broadband and mobile security, the exclusive Telstra TV video streaming device, and free Apple Music on many plans.

For example, to arrive at its headline-friendly claim of a 90 per cent price premium on broadband, Choice ignores both our promoted $75 per month 1000GB Belong broadband plan and our $99 per month 1000GB Best Bundle Ever plan in the comparison.

And when comparing bundles with a streaming video device included, Choice overlooks our most popular and extensively promoted option – our $99 Best Bundle Ever. It comes with 1,000GB of data, free access to Australia’s largest Wi-Fi Network (Telstra AIR), a free and exclusive Telstra TV streaming video device, free Telstra Broadband Protect keeping families safe online and national, standard fixed line and standard Australian mobile calls all included.

It’s a misleading back-of-the-envelope exercise from Choice and frankly we think consumers deserve better.

And when you look at our most popular plans – such as our $95 Go Mobile plan with 10GB of data or our $30 Freedom Plus Pre-Paid recharge with 3GB of data (both which come with free and unlimited Telstra Air data and a choice of AFL or NRL season pass) – and compare them with like-for-like plans in the market, it’s clear we offer good value and competitive prices.

We know value for money is really important for our customers. And we will continue to invest more than any other Australian telco to provide the best network experience, offer plans with generous allowances that meet the changing ways people use their service and include a number of valuable extras customers simply can’t get anywhere else.