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Checklist for connecting to the nbn


Posted on August 8, 2018

1 min read

The nbn network is now available at more than half of all Australian homes and businesses so chances are you’re thinking about making the switch, or will be soon.

We’ve put together a short checklist to help you make the move.

  • 1 What type of tech is available at your house and when do you need to move by?

    As part of nbn’s multi-technology mix, there are seven technology types that could be available at your address. nbn co will determine the technology available, but it’s good to understand what you’re connecting to as they each have slightly different requirements for your connection. Check your address on the nbn website.

    Most households will need to switch over to the nbn network by a specific date to avoid their copper or cable connection being disconnected. In some cases this date will be listed on nbn co’s website, but if you can’t find it there, you can chat to one of our consultants online or give us a call on 1800 993 728.

  • 2 Do you need a new plan?

    Our latest plans are all nbn-compatible so most of our customers can move across without having to recontract or change their plan. However, if you’re on an older plan, you might need to update. If you’re not sure about your plan, you can visit a Telstra Store, give us a call or chat to us online to find out.

    Even if your plan is nbn-ready, moving to the nbn network can be a good time to think about the way you use your home broadband and make sure you’re on the best plan to suit your household’s needs.

    Find out more about our plans.

    If you only have a home phone and no fixed broadband, you’ll still need to move to the nbn. You can stay on a home phone plan, or if you’re helping an older friend or relative who wants to try out the internet for the first time, the Home Internet Starter Bundle is a good option. The bundle comes with unlimited local calls, standard national and Australian mobile calls, as well as 25GB of data a month, which is enough for basic web use like emails, social media and general web surfing.  The plan also includes Telstra Broadband Protect to help keep you safe online.

  • 3 Is it time for a new modem or handset?

    Modem: Depending on your technology type and your current plan, you might need a new modem, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of this for you.

    All new customers, customers moving home or customers moving to the nbn without a compatible modem, will receive the Telstra Smart Modem which helps you get connected faster and keep you connected more often via a mobile backup.

    If you have areas in your house where you’re not getting a good Wi-Fi signal from your modem, now’s the time to fix it! Check out our tips to improve your in-home Wi-Fi.

    Home phone: On the nbn network you’ll need to connect your home phone directly to your modem, not the phone jacks you might currently use.

    If you’d like your phone set up in a different spot to your modem, you can pick up a wireless handset.

  • 4 Professional install, or do it yourself?

    We’ll send out equipment and instructions to any customers eligible for a self-install. Most of our customers choose this option, but if you have a more complicated setup, you might want to arrange a professional install. We provide these free of charge to customers who only have a home phone connection with us, customers registered for priority assistance and eligible customers taking up the Home Internet Starter Bundle.

    Find out more about installation options on

  • 5 Do you have any devices like a medical alarm that might not work on the nbn network?

    Many medical alarms and security systems run on the copper network and will need to transition to the nbn network.

    Alarms are typically supplied and installed by companies who deal directly with consumers, so we don’t know where they are installed or which customers are using them. We ask all customers moving to the nbn whether they have an alarm, and advise them to speak with their provider to check compatibility before they move across.

    It’s important to know that having a medical alarm doesn’t mean you will be automatically acknowledged as a priority assist customer, so if this is something you or a loved one require, make sure you discuss this before you move to the nbn network.


    You’ve checked off everything on the list and you still have questions? Give us a call on 1800 993 728 or chat to one of our consultants online to find out more.

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