Looking for network outage information? Visit our Network Outages page.

Telstra has a proud history of responding to natural disasters wherever they occur and I am so proud of the work my teams did, day and night, to restore service to Queenslanders following the Brisbane Floods and Cyclone Yasi. I am also proud of the work our call centre teams did to communicate with customers about what was going on.

With responsibility for Telstra’s response to the Brisbane Floods and Cyclone Yasi, I saw firsthand how important it is for our customers, and their family and friends, to have timely information when one or more of their services are affected.

Every day, I was interviewed by various media outlets on the impacts and restoration activities on our network and I made sure I had as much information available as possible to tell our customers.

However, I wanted to increase the channels through which we communicate to empower customers by allowing them to check easily on outages and restoration activity.

That’s why I am thrilled to launch Telstra’s new ‘Network Outages’ website which will improve the flow of information to customers on outages and restoration activities.

This website will also allow customers to check on the network in non-disaster times if their landline, mobile or broadband service is not working. Information about any network outages will be displayed by postcode.

During a disaster, we will display the suburb or town name of every affected area and list impacts to the various services. A map will also be displayed so customers can see where the network is affected.

I have seen great innovation and improvements in customer service as a result of staff experiences during major outages or natural disasters. For instance, from the Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009, Telstra developed the Mobile Exchange on Wheels (MEOW) that allowed us to quickly restore damaged exchanges or mobile towers during in the absence of standard operating equipment. These were used to great effect in Queensland and kept communities connected.

I’m sure this new site will provide similar aid to those looking for information in their time of need and I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Visit the new Telstra ‘Network Outages’ website here