The percentage of young people that donate to non-profits has declined steadily in the past 30 years. While Gen Y are socially conscious and want to contribute, they are not engaging in traditional fundraising campaigns. That’s where Chuffed comes in.

Chuffed is Australia’s first non-profit crowdfunding platform and aims to connect socially conscious Gen Y donors with non-profit fundraising campaigns. What distinguishes this platform from others is that all the money raised goes to the cause.

The Telstra Foundation has invested $460,000 over two years in seed funding for Chuffed. This is being used to establish the platform and up-skill hundreds of non-profit organisations to crowdfund online.

Since the launch of the Chuffed platform in October 2013, it has raised more than $600,000 in donations for around 150 organisations. During this period, 200 non-profits and social enterprises have also been trained in online crowdfunding through workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Campaigns run through Chuffed include:

  • Hello Sunday Morning – a movement towards a better drinking culture
  • The Refugee Garden Project – a rooftop garden in Sydney that provides opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Same Sex Formal 2014 – an event to empower young people to attend their high school formal with a same sex partner

In May 2014, a small sanctuary for rescued farm animals near Melbourne, Edgar’s Mission, raised more than $162,000 from 1,785 donors in 14 countries – the biggest Australian non-profit campaign to run on any major crowdfunding platform around the world.

We supported Chuffed through the Telstra Foundation’s Social Innovation Grants program. Through this fund we seek to support initiatives that use the power of digital technology to change lives. We collaborate with community partners across Australia to unlock their digital potential and to amplify what they do best.