Thank you for your feedback on the Travel Pass changes.  We understand that parts of these changes have not met your expectations – particularly the movement of some travel destinations into more expensive travel zones. We have made these changes so that we can bring roaming Travel Passes to more destinations and so we can boost the data we include in Passes.

We have expanded the number of countries where customers can use our Travel Passes, which means our customers will now be able to roam with confidence at set rates on our Travel Passes in 20 new international destinations– this expansion of the travel pass covers a range of new destinations around the globe including Austria, Belgium, Chile, Poland and Egypt.

We have heard from our customers that you want to be able to use data with confidence when you travel. To support this we have also increased the amount of data inclusions in our Travel Passes from an average of 50 MB a day to 75 MB a day. And we will be making the Travel Passes much easier to activate and use, straight from your 24/7 app, wherever you are. This will be available from 14 December.

All Telstra Travel Passes will continue to enable customers in Eligible Countries in their zone to make and receive unlimited standard calls to anywhere in the world and send and receive unlimited text messages to standard numbers while travelling overseas.

We continue to listen and explore ways to make roaming affordable and the cost of roaming predictable.