We’ve made some changes to our Telstra Directory Assistance 1223 service.

Telstra Directory Assistance 1223 is one of several ways you can access listings from the White Pages.

Over the past 10 years, call volumes to the 1223 service have fallen by almost 90 per cent as people turn to online searches and apps to locate contact details in the White Pages. As the calls have fallen, the cost of running 1223 has outgrown the income we generate from offering the service.

Whilst the majority of callers to 1223 make just one call to the service each year, we are very mindful of minimising any impact to customers.

From 1 December, calls from residential fixed line services to Telstra Directory Assistance 1223 service will cost $0.50 per call including GST. The charge is in line with what other telephone companies charge for the same service.

Customers receiving the Telstra Pensioner Discount will be exempt from this change and can continue to call 1223 at no cost from a Telstra fixed line phone.

Calls from mobiles will increase from $0.50 per call to $0.95 per call including GST. The optional call connection fee for both fixed line and mobile services will increase from $0.99 per call to $1.29 per call including GST.

Even with these changes, this will remain a loss-making service.

Over the past month we have been notifying customers who regularly use the service of the changes to ensure they are familiar with the free alternatives available to them.

No-cost options to access White Pages listings

The Sensis White Pages® can be accessed online at whitepages.com.au or via the free Sensis White Pages App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Customers can also order a printed copy of The Sensis White Pages by calling 1800 810 211.

Customers with a disability or special needs requirements can continue to access a free Directory Assistance helpline.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, you can contact us on 13 2200 (for residential customers) or 13 2000 (for business customers) or visit telstra.com/1223changes