Now that I have a few days to catch up on some of the holiday things I had planned, I thought it was a good time to update you on some of the other products I saw at CES.

One of my biggest complaints in the area of technology is the number of power adaptors and their size I have to carry with me whenever I travel. Yes I know I am not a “typical” traveller, but I have this basic insecurity about leaving home with too few devices at my fingertips. Apart from the inconvenience of having to empty your pockets at airport screening points, the knowledge that I can stay in touch the way I want to, and listen to the music I want to listen to, far outweighs the alternatives.

Portable matA clever solution to multiple power cords is provided by Powermat. Since launching its first set of products mid-October 2009, they have shipped in excess of 750,000 units. With Powermat, you only need one power outlet. Originally you replaced your device’s back cover with one provided by Powermat, followed their “Drop and Charge” process (ie placing the device on the Powermat), and left it to do its magic. The down side of this approach was the limited number of popular devices that could benefit from Powermat.

At CES they announced a new range that moved the technology into the battery. So instead of replacing your device back panel, Powermat will now provide a range of batteries to suite your device, as well as offering a full range of new mats that allows you to charge in most environments, wherever you are.

Their range now includes:

Extended battery & case for iPhonePowermat Powerpak™ receiver that provides seamless integration into virtually any phone, by allowing you to upgrade to wireless charging with no change to your existing phone ergonomics and design. The iPhone is handled by a silicone case receiver and an extended battery case receiver.

Powermat Home and Office Mats – single, double or triple position mats for home and office use – depending on the number of devices you need to charge.

Powermat Portable Mats are for people needing power on the go. The portable mats and associated high capacity battery allows you to charge your devices without the need to plug the mat into an outlet. The mat folds down neatly and comes complete with a full set of international plugs.

Car chargerPowermat Netbook Mat allows you to charge your netbook (not notebook) and two additional devices (phones or mp3 players) simultaneously.

Powermat Car Charger removes the need to plug and unplug different device leads. Drop and Charge™ your device whilst on the road.

I hope to receive a sample of the Powermat upon my return to Australia, and will give it a full review at that time.