Our team is on the ground at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, meeting partners and strategic vendors and experiencing new technologies. Here’s a live feed of highlights from Telstra CEO Andrew Penn as they happen.

Google has a strong presence at this year’s CES 2018 and is heavily promoting its Google Assistant voice recognition. You can already talk to Google on the new Pixel 2 smartphone to check the weather or hear your agenda for the day, and control your Telstra Smart Home using a Google Home Mini smart speaker.

Telstra partner Netgear has plenty of new technology on show, with everything from gaming to high-speed Wi-Fi networks demonstrated to CES 2018 attendees. Faster wireless networks in the home are important as more devices are connected, and new Wi-Fi standards allow more efficient communication.

The Telstra TV was designed and built by Telstra in partnership with Roku, and brings movies, TV shows, live sport and free-to-air TV into one place. Over a million original Telstra TVs were sold before the launch of its successor in October last year.

As we move into a connected future, even the cars on our roads will talk to each other and to the pedestrians around them, using technologies like 5G to communicate on a massive scale. Several different companies have autonomous and self-driving cars on show at this year’s CES.

Believe it or not, even clothing is becoming smarter! And it’s not just for style; smart clothing can track your sleep and fitness activity, or give you insights into your stress at work. We’ve already seen see smart, internet-connected technology make its way into shoes and watches, and more is on the way.

Quantum computing will be a field of intense interest in 2018 and beyond, as advancements in the emerging technology allow new applications to be developed. This quantum computer concept is especially beautiful, too, using liquid cooling to transfer heat away from internal components.

Our team has spent their time at CES 2018 meeting with exciting new technology companies and trying out new gadgets – the devices that will transform our future and shape the way we interact with our homes, our cars, and each other in the years to come.