After two very interesting sessions, it was time to get down to the real purpose of CES – an early view of some of the exciting products being launched over the next few days.

This being my first experience rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s leading technology media folk,. I must admit I was not prepared for the jostling that followed. Politely waiting to talk to some of the exhibitors meant that I did just that…wait. I guess the rule stands that he who has the biggest camera wins.

Oh well, I still got to see some amazing things, and thought I’d share some of them with you here.

iGo Power management solutions and mobile accessories

iGo pocket projector at CES 2011
The iGo Key Juice is a compact USB charging and synching cable for mini and micro USB or Apple devices. You can put it in your pocket or purse – and never be short of power again. Very handy to have with you when you are out and about. Retail/internet price is $US19.99.

The iGo Pocket Projector (UP-2020 pictured) is, according to the iGo folk, the lightest, slimmest pocket projector on the market. It projects videos from a Flip video camera, smartphones or other devices. Fits in your hand. Very impressive at $US349.

The iGo Noise-Cancelling Headphones (price undisclosed) actually cut out all the surrounding press noise and focused the music into my head! Colourful and practical.

Gorilla accessories by Joby

Got to love a brand named Gorilla! Yesterday Joby released three products for CES – two for iPad and one for iPhone.

Gorilla Ori for iPad stand at CES 2011The Ori for iPad was inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding – origami – and transforms from a flat lightweight protective case into a versatile iPad stand. And I do mean versatile. On a plane, watching a movie, sending an email, or following a recipe in the kitchen, the Ori for iPad easily adjusts to the most convenient height and orientation you require. It also features a microfiber surface that protects your screen, and reduces slip when face down on a desk. $US79.95.

The Yogi for iPad is named after yoga rather than the “smarter than the average bear” Yogi. Two very flexible legs allow your to put your iPad through the paces – and be at just the right position. The legs easily clip on or off the polycarbonate case so you can change the orientation or put them away for travelling. – $US49.95.


Sonos headphones CES 2011Sonomax Sculpted eers – custom moulded earphones
Let’s be honest, buying headphones can be of a hit or miss thing. It’s like buying underwear. You think you know what you want, but you don’t try the article on in the shop. When you get home, it’s either a “yes” – great fit; an “almost” – not quite as you expected; or a “what was I thinking” moment. The same goes for headphones. No one wants to put those ear buds into your ear – who knows where they have been before – right?

I have had my fair share of headphones over the years, and until now have settled for the “over the ear” models – as I find they fit better and are more comfortable. I am yet to find an “in-ear” model that actually fits – for more than a few minutes.

Imagine how impressed I was to see the SonoFitTM Custom Fitting System. Forget weeks of laboratory work and rework. SonoFit takes minutes and requires three easy steps:

  1. SonoFit Position. The SonoFit custom fitting system will be gently positioned on your head and adjusted to your ears.
  2. 4 minute set. Wait only 4 minutes for the silicone to safely form to your ears’ unique shape.
  3. Complete! Simply detach the earphones from the SonoFit System, attach the faceplate, and your custom moulded earphones are ready.

I saw it myself – it actually works.

nPowerpeg CES 2011

Tremont electric – the nPower PEG

One of the more innovative products I saw today was the nPower PEG.

Billed as the world’s first Kinetic energy charger for hand held electronic devices, the PEG captures energy when you go for a jog, workout at the gym, walk down the road, or move around in your daily activity.

This is a personal energy generator, that can have its reserves supplemented through traditional charging methods.

The listed price is $US159.99.

Toyota Entune Multimedia System

With the announcement of Entune, Toyota offers the largest number of mobile apps with Bing, iheartradio,, and Pandora.

Entune boasts industry leading advanced conversational voice recognition. Entune is compatible with most smartphones and feature phones.

The Toyota Entune system leverages your mobile phone to create a rich in-vehicle experience that offers fully integrated and upgradeable entertainment, navigation and information services. Put simply, you can book a theatre seat, make a restaurant reservation or listen to an interstate sports event – all from the radio in your car.

Stay tuned for more product overviews.

The show opens soon…

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