CES Update – Day 2

Until you get lost in Las Vegas, you haven’t really been lost! Being me, and having an impeccable sense of direction – I took a wrong turn from my hotel this morning on the way to the coffee shop, and ended up walking for almost an hour through several shopping arcades and casinos before I was able to finally get to CES. Next time its room service for me!

I arrived just in time to sit in on Easy Energy’s press conference. Easy Energy developed and markets the YoGen, an innovative handheld charger.

According to Easy Energy, YoGen came about as a result of a series of flat cell phone batteries. Picture this – you’re in the car, your phone goes flat, and your charger is sitting on your desk several kilometres away. You feel hopeless and kick yourself for not checking your bag before leaving (I think this equally applies to leaving your umbrella in your car when its raining). Here’s where the YoGen comes to the rescue.

Pocket sized and durable, this hand powered electric charger produces a previously unmatched level of charging power when driven by repeated pulls on a cord – a similar action to a yoyo or starting an outboard engine. The only energy used to charge your phone is provided by you. No AC outlet required.

Think of the opportunities outside of the standard recharge scenario. Great for camping trips, a family outing to the beach, emergency use after bushfire or flood when power is scarce if available at all.

Currently available online from www.yogenstore.com, this is probably one of the most talked about products at CES. I saw several news items referencing it today.

The YoGen has been built to perform in a wide variety of conditions. The typical pull time – to – talk ratio is 1:10 (High) and 1:4 (Low). Remember, the YoGen’s charge/time ratio is similar to a standard AC wall charger, meaning if it takes an hour to fully charge your phone, it will take an hour of pulling the YoGen cord to fully charge your phone.

More updates to come – thanks for reading and now back to the show!.