2020 was a year we spent more time at home. While we might be doing the same for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t mean it has to be an analogue experience.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is all happening online this year. Nevertheless, the gadgets and announcements have been coming thick and fast.

Technology around your home has come a long way over the last few decades. But as this year’s announcements from CES demonstrate, we’ve come a long way from Betamax and TVs that looked like large boxes.

Step inside our virtual home, where all the new and best technology from CES 2021 is ready and waiting.

Staying COVID-safe at the front door

Touching as few surfaces as possible has become something we all need to think about. You never know where COVID-19 might be hiding.

Smart home company Arlo knows this and has made a touches doorbell for the COVID era.

It gauges a visitor’s distance using what Arlo calls “proximity sensing technology” and alerts the homeowner of an arrival once the guest has safely approached.

Now to see if you can play ding-dong-ditch with it.

Four-legged tech

There’s even new gear for your furry friend!

Chamberlain has announced that the myQ Pet Portal is a new smart pet door that allows your dog to enter and exit safely on demand, and comes equipped with two-way HD cameras and sensors that only let the right pets in.

The pathogen-free home office

Targus Keyboard

In keeping with the theme, Targus has announced a new series of home office gear designed to keep you safe during a pandemic.

The flagship product is a UV light that sits above your keyboard and mouse designed to blast viruses and bacteria that might live there.

And if you need to stay clean on the go, Targus has an antimicrobial backpack, too.

Smarter treats

A lot of us got pretty handy in the kitchen during 2020’s on-and-off lockdowns. From bread to muffins and everything in-between, we all became overnight masterchefs.

Now that we’re probably going to be stuck at home a bit longer, it’s time to go back to being lazy in the kitchen. And what better gadget to be lazy with than an instant ice-cream maker.

The ColdSnap is a “rapid freezing product” that makes fresh frozen treats in a flash. Using pods, you can make a variety of things, from ice cream sundaes to frozen smoothies, and even a frozen alcoholic beverage for after dark.

Powering your future garage

Don’t think that your car misses out on all the tech fun, either. CES has new gear for your four-wheeled companion also!

Ensuring you get the right information about your car and the traffic conditions is essential when you drive. We’ve seen some pretty big screens added to cars in the last few years, but none bigger than this. Mercedes Benz’ new Hyperscreen is a 55-inch display that is built right into your car. And it’s not just a concept, either: it’s headed to the new EQS electric sedan later this year.

Keeping in the theme of EVs, everyone is getting in on the game these days. Cadillac and GM gave everyone a closer look at the “ultra-luxury” Celestiq EV, for example.

Entertainment like never before

The TV is often the crown jewel of the lounge room. But this year’s CES innovations show that your lounge doesn’t need to be the only entertainment room in your home.

LG has been making headway with its OLED technology for some time, and now it’s moving the TV tech out of your rumpus and into your bedroom. The company has envisioned a variety of transparent OLED TVs, including a transparent model that comes up out of your bed and rolls up when you’re not using it.

Other TV innovations from CES this year include a screen that won’t make you choose between flat or curved: you can have both! A variety of flexible OLED displays were shown off that bend on command to give you an immersive experience when you want it.

Leading TV brands like Samsung and LG are also introducing a new technology called Mini LED. It’s basically powering the TV backlight with even smaller LED lights than ever to make brighter whites and a better colour experience.
Keeping it all connected

While we’re all spending time at home, connectivity is vital to keep us going. Especially when it comes to new gadgets and there were some exciting WiFi announcements at CES also.

Strong Wi-Fi around the home means you get the work, learning and playing done in every room and on multiple devices.

We’ve got some tips to ensure you can get the most out of your home Wi-Fi router, and we’re not stopping there.

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