It’s great to be back at CES again this year.

CES Unveiled has just concluded – this is the “pre-show” for the world’s media to see some of the more exciting items to be revealed at CES. Tuesday is full of press events, and the main show starts on Wednesday. With an expected attendance in excess of 150,000, CES continues to be the major launching pad for the technology we will come to take for granted.

In coming days I will visit many of the 3,600 exhibitors over several Las Vegas locations and will capture some of the highlights for you. Here is a sample of some of the products on display tonight:

Roost: 9v Smart Battery for Smoke Alarms

The Roost 9v smart battery provides you with alarm notifications on your Android or Apple smartphone. Installation takes less than 5 minutes, and provides you with peace of mind when away from the home. Simply download the Roost App, connect the battery to your home wifi, and install in your existing smoke alarm. The Roost 9V smart battery lasts up to 5 years. Roost is currently planning to recommence shipping internationally early in 2016  

The Socialite Collection – smart jewellery from Wiseware

The Socialite Collection is a line of luxury smart jewellery that blends breakthrough technology with everlasting style. Wiseware have taken the bold but sensible step of having fashion designers behind their pieces. Three styles are currently available under the Socialite Collection – the Calder, the Kingston and the Duchess.

With the Socialite Collection, you can send Distress Messaging – tap to send your geolocation to your emergency contact via a discreet distress message.

Activity Tracking collects detailed insights on your health and wellness, such as steps, distance and calories.

With Mobile Notifications, you will receive real-time, vibrating notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails and more.

The Socialite Collection is water resistant, provides up to three days battery life and includes haptic feedback as customised alerts that are user defined.


MOCAheart instantly provides a snapshot of your heart health. MOCAheart is made to fit in your pocket – its only 7mm thick – and operates by placing both thumbs on the top of the device. Interacting with MOCAheart is done through the app – currently on iPhone and soon to be released on Android, you can measure your Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen levels (SpO2). It also records the MOCA Index – a qualitative measurement of your blood flow correlated to your blood pressure – providing you and your health care professional an insight into your cardiovascular health. The MOCAheart app allows you to share your data with your doctor. It runs Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), is 71.5mm x 7.05mm .36mm, and weighs 20g. The battery lasts up to three days with regular use (3 – 5 measurements per day) and recharges in 60 – 70 minutes via a micro USB cable.  

Marbotic: Interactive wooden toys for tablets

Marbotic is a French company pioneering integrated learning for preschool kids. I was very impressed with Smart Letters, a new letter-based toy used in conjunction with a tablet. It is designed to help change the way kids learn to read and write, integrating the best use of modern technology with traditional methods of a child’s play.

Smart Letters wooden alphabet of letters is connected to a downloadable IOS app, and is designed for 3 – 7 year olds. There are three downloadable apps – Alphamonster and Vocabubble focus on alphabet and vocabulary, guiding children in the shape and sounds of letters. A new app, Bla Bla Box will introduce word formation, and includes spelling tests to reinforce new learnings.

This is definitely one of the stand out products of the night – something I will be looking to get for my grandson to use!

Many more exciting products to follow in coming days – with a focus on wearable technology, eHealth and IoT/Connected Homes/Cities and “things”.

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