Thanks for reading my posts from Las Vegas and the world’s largest electronics show recently.

My time at CES was split between looking up old friends from previous visits, then making sure I was within walking distance to attend the Compass Intelligence Mobility Awards Press Luncheon.

So what grabbed my attention? Below is a list of my favourite products in the last days of CES.


The Cocoon SLIM backpack

Makers of my favourite gadget carry bag (The Slim). Cocoon’s Grid-IT system has been incorporated into their bags in recent years, and this year’s range is going to be equally well received.  Look out for backpacks that convert to messenger bags; a range of bags aimed at the youth market, and an enhanced of bags that have added protection around the Grid-IT accessories holders.



BodyGuardz screen protectors are made from a special chemically-tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel. It has a smudge resistant coating, yet still allows you full touch screen functionality. BodyGuardz has created a series of YouTube tutorials to assist with the application of your BodyGuardz screen protector.


Cellairis phone covers

Cellairis has a distinct ranges of covers and mobile accessories, incuding:

  • Colossus – a simple, one-piece design that allows for protection in its most basic form. These rugged, ultra-durable cases have a tactile anti-slip perimeter textured for grip, front bezel protection, and are available in a range of colours
  • Crystari – crafted with the elite in mind, Crystari combines glamour and the right amount of bling to your mobile phone
  • Velo  –  thin, available in genuine leather or suede, Velo allows your phone to be easily concealed in a pocket or bag


RockIt Sounds

RockIT headphones have a goal to provide the clearest sound possible to their customers at affordable prices and offer great customer service. Having met a couple of the designers/owners of the company, and having listened to the music coming out of their headphones, I believe they are on the right track. Comfort and quality sound are definitely standard with their range of headphones. How they can do it at the price is amazing. If you want to experience your music and support a group of young entrepreneurs at the same time, take a look at RockIT.

Cellfy Stic

The Celfy Stic

The Cellfy (word play on “selfie”) Stic allows you to suspend your phone from any smooth surface and, set the timer, and get into your best “selfie” pose.

Cellfy has four suction caps on the rear that hold a total of 4.53kg, and four on the front that hold a total of 1.8kg – certainly enough to keep your mobile phone steady and secured to the selected surface. I tried to pull a Cellfy off the glass plane it was attached to no avail. Let me assure you I wouldn’t hesitate using a Cellfy.


Smart Locks with Smart Keys


Okidokeys Smart Locks can be fitted on the interior of any home door with an existing ANSI grade 1 and grade 2 deadbolt.

The installation does not require wiring or drilling. Download the Okidokeys app for Android or iOS,  and set up the Bluetooth enabled app.

Okidokeys has up to six opening modes, including proximity. Keep a credit card sized RFID card in your wallet in case your phone goes flat. Certainly an innovative way to secure your home if you need to give tradespeople access to your home when you are out.



Opticwash is best described as a carwash for your glasses. Simply put your glasses in the holder, and watch Opticwash do its magic. My glasses came out sparking clean (and dry), as did my wedding ring. To see Opticwash in action, go to their website and watch the short video. A clever kiosk device that will find itself in a range of environments including airports and shopping malls.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.


Note: This is a personal blog entry and does not represent an endorsement by Telstra of the mentioned products. Any purchase or use of the products is undertaken at own risk; readers should conduct their own checks on relevant product specifications, uses and pricing.