Its been a very busy day – so much to see and so many people trying to do the same thing! Today I concentrated primarily on the smaller stands, giving myself some clear space to spend more time on the larger stands later this week.

Needless to say, there is an abundance of Android tablets, phone covers, and headphones. At the same time, there is innovation at every turn.

Here are some of the items I saw today.


A wearable smart locator and phone for kids


Filip came into being when the designer was in the mall with his child and suddenly realized his child was nowhere to be seen. 30 minutes later they were reunited – but that sinking feeling took a lot longer to go recede.

Filip combines a watch with GPS, cell location and WiFi. It is designed to encourage kids to wear it, and comes in a variety of colours.

In a nutshell, Filip allows you to control who calls your child, (up to 5 pre-authorised), set a safety zone that will send an alarm if your child goes outside of the zone, send a brief message to your child’s watch (one way – the Filip does not allow texting) and provides an emergency button, all controlled by a smartphone app.

Wormhole Switch JUC400


Ever wanted to share or move data from Windows to Mac OS? The J5 JUC400 provides simple plug and play file swapping and content sharing across multiple platforms. Using your keyboard or mouse, you drag and drop or copy and paste a file easily and quickly between machines.

I saw it being demonstrated and was immediately taken by the simplicity and practicality of this product. With the Wormhole Switch, you can do away with the need to copy a file onto a USB stick or send it via email.


The world’s first 3D printed toy


Imagine creating your own doll – a unique piece – where you can choose the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and even the width of the smile and shape of the hands. Feed this into MakieLab, complete the steps, and two weeks later your doll arrives at your front door. The dolls are 10” tall, and start their life off as powder. Check out the website – certainly redefines printing!



Looking for the perfect accessory for your barbeque? Look no further than Grillbot. The grill cleaning robot is both fun and thorough. I don’t think I’ve seen a grill that clean since the day I bought it home from the shop. Grillbot has removable wire brushes that make it easy to clean or replace as needed. The brushes are dishwasher safe. Its three strong electric motors are driven by rechargeable batteries that will send an alert when their charge is running low.

Another great feature is the set and forget timer. This means you can put the Grillbot to work while you enjoy your barbecue without having to spend time cleaning your grill.

Liquipel watersafeTM technology


Liquipel is a liquid repellent substance applied to electronic devices to keep them safe against accidental contact with moisture (eg a spilt drink, rain, drop into the sink etc). It is not designed to make your device waterproof – so don’t think about taking it swimming with you. To show how effective Liquipel is, they had an ordinary tissue that had been treated with Liquipel, and put it under a waterfall (yes in Vegas they have waterfalls everywhere!) – and the tissue came out dry. To create this water resistant skin, Liquipel puts your device in their machine, pumps down to create a vacuum, then injects their Liquipel formulation that is turned into a gas as it enters the vacuum. They then introduce plasma which decompresses the liquid repellent molecules and returns them to their original state..

Extremely useful if you are prone to getting your phone wet.



If you are a fan of the Jetsons – Beam will be like a déjà vu experience for you. Beam is a remote presence system. I was chatting to a sales consultant in Seattle Washington and she took me for a tour of her office – including seeing the view from the 25th floor. You control the Beam with the arrow keys on your keyboard and Beam has a split screen so you can see ground level to avoid running into any obstacles as you move around.

Beam couples video conferencing with mobility – and it operates over WiFi and 4G. My mind is in overload thinking of the markets Beam could assist – from real estate to building sites, medical emergencies to the boardroom. Great fun and extremely practical.

That’s all for today… many more great products to share with you in coming days.


Note: This is a personal blog entry and does not represent an endorsement by Telstra of the mentioned products. Any purchase or use of the products is undertaken at own risk; readers should conduct their own checks on relevant product specifications, uses and pricing.