One of the greatest successes of CES in recent times has been the introduction of the Eureka Park – where new devices and inventions are revealed by the people who had the idea and brought it to market.

This year they located it in the Venetian Hotel – and dedicated the better part of a whole floor to it.

Here are a two of the products I saw there.

Cynaps by Max virtual is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled, bone conduction headset. On their stand they referenced both Handsfree AND Ears free! Regular earphones create sound waves that are transmitted through the air, which cause your eardrums to vibrate. Bone conduction uses soundwaves that are transmitted through the cranial bones  which bypass your eardrums to reach the inner ear.

For a full description of how bone conduction works, follow this link.

Cynaps headsets fit discretely in a baseball cap or beanie, without the need for ear buds. You can make a phone or video call or listen to music. The best thing in my opinion is the safety aspect – if you are out and about, you do not get cut off from ambient noise and therefore can reduce the risks of wearing headphones on a busy street. If you are concerned about the potential damage to your ear having concentrated sound channelled at your ear drums, you should consider the Cynaps . The Cynaps can last up to 30 days on standby, and average talk time is between 6 – 10 hours. Controls for the Cynaps are located under the beak of the baseball cap – allowing you to easily change the volume, answer a call or switch tracks.

I have been in touch with the product developer – Mike Freeman – who advised me that the product is now available from their website. The Cynaps Standard cap (with Cynaps installed) sells for $US60, the Cynaps in Nike Dri-Fit caps is $US79 and the self install Cynaps Module sells for $US50.

Une Bobine by Fuse Chicken is a flexible stand, sync and charging cable for your iPhone or Android devices. The iPhone version also comes with a Lightning Attachment in the box (and a tutorial on their website!). When I say flexible – I mean flexible. You can set your phone atop of the Une Bobine so it looks like a snake charmer’s cobra, have your phone hovering at 90 degrees to the bench top in your kitchen to read recipes. No matter what awkward position you want to have your phone in, the Une Bobine can probably hold it there for you.

I was very impressed by both the flexibility and quality of the Une Bobine – and I have it sitting on my desk as my charger. Hopefully a future release will have the Lightning attachment as standard – to avoid having to use a Lightning cable.

You can purchase Une Bobine in Australia from Hipstarhub for $33.00 (including shipping).

What was your favourite product to come out of CES this year?

Note: The above information is not to be taken as Telstra’s endorsement of the products mentioned, or to vouch for their performance or quality; this blog is just intended to provide readers with reporting on highlights of products showcased at CES 2013.  Readers should consult the manufacturer’s websites and promotional material for full details on the products, including as to availability, any applicable terms and conditions of use, and pricing.