Welcome to 2012 – a very exciting year for technology. I was hoping to bring you more updates from the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas – but unfortunately was unable to be there in person. Given the literally hundreds of invitations to attend various product launches over the coming week, I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones with you.

Motorola “Universal Lapdock 100”

motorola-lapdock-contentMotorola have built on the success of the Atrix Lapdock released at last year’s CES (the product of the show in my opinion) – and introduced a Universal version. The most significant change is that it’s designed to work with current and future Motorola Smartphones – connected via a cable. A 10” screen, wider keyboard and more USB ports than previous models, the Lapdock 100 has a $US299 price tag.


A Bluetooth wireless keyboard that suits both smartphones and tablets has been released by ZAGG. The FLEX has a keyboard cover that can be used as a stand for your tablet. The FLEX has a six month battery life and includes special function keys for quick access to special device features. The FLEX has a $US80 price tag

Optima Pico Projectors

Optima has released two new pico projectors. The entry level model – the PK320, weighs 8oz and outputs 16:9 ratio images up to 150” in 854×480 resolutions. The slightly bigger ML300 weighs 1.4lbs and gives you 1280 x 800 wide screen quality resolution, 160” images delivering 300 lumens of brightness. Both models have 2G of storage expandable to 32GB via a microSD card, an IR remote, charger, carry pouch and support for Microsoft Office, as well as an array of ports – including mini-HDMI, VGA-in, composite AV and micro USB. The PK320 is priced at $US450 and the ML300 at $US500.


I wish this product was out two years ago! I still remember wandering up and down the corridors outside the press/blogger lounges at CES trying to find a power outlet to give my laptop a few minutes of charge so I could finish an article in preparation for the next meeting/post. And once you found that outlet, you didn’t want to go for that well deserved cup of coffee or well needed convenience break, for fear of losing your spot or your laptop. Powerbag is what its name says – a bag that charges your devices as you move about. You can charge up to 4 mobile devices at the same time. And like any good tech toy – it has upgrades in the form of slimmer batteries. There will be a range of bags offered this year – Urban, Executive, and Ful Collections. See their website for more details. Powerbag retails in the US from $US140.

Solarfocus Technology “SolarKindle”

Winner of this year’s CES Innovations 2012 Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies award, SolarFocus Technology will introduce the first practical solar gadget – the SolarKindle – the world’s first solar powered e-reader cover. The SolarKindle has a solar panel built into the cover, and offers dual-charging options. SolarFocus guarantee 3 months of unplugged Kindle use under normal sunlight environment. Additionally, the built-in LED reading lamp can be powered continuously for up to 50 hours without using the Kindle’s main battery. The integrated solar panel collects and converts solar energy “on the go” – one hour under direct sunlight can provide up to 3 days reading time. Available from 15 January 2012 for $US79.99

There’s a lot more to come – stay tuned.

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