Telstra Global Operations Centre

This week, we’re celebrating the 20thbirthday of our Global Operations Centre in Clayton, Victoria.

Thestate of the artfacility took six years to develop and build, and cost $35 million.

Our entire network across Australia and overseasis monitoredaround the clockfrom this one site.

“When the GOC was put together it was the first facility of its kind in the world, we believe, that managed both copper networks and optical networks from a single place,” said Ian Wood, wholeadsthisCentre andtheITCommandCentre.

The GOC’s stunningcentrepiece is a massive digital video wall. It measures 24metreslong and 2.5metreshigh.It enables staff to monitor Telstra’s fixed, broadband, satellite, broadcast television, data and mobile networks in real time.The surveillance hall itself ismore thanfour times larger than NASA’s Houston controlcentre.

The GOC has monitored over a trillion local calls since opening and hundreds of billions oftext messages.

“As technology has evolved, we’ve moved more into the optical networks and undersea cable networks,”MrWood explained.

“Telstra’s been a leader in many technologies and 4G, 5G are examples of those technologiesand the teams here are well integrated into both the product side of our business as well as the technology side of our business, therefore when these technologies go live,weare well prepared to support them.”

“I think that celebrating 20 years is a significant milestone not just for the people who are here today, but importantly for the people who have come before us.I think the important thing is to reflect on the history of who’s been here and supported our communities in Australia.”

“There’s been hundreds of technicians and engineers move through ourcentre, and every single one of them has been passionate about customers, our community and ensuring that Telstra is the best we can possibly be,”MrWood said.

As we move into the 2020s and the deployment of 5G throughout Australia, there is an excitement at the GOC with future possibilities. 

“Our goal is to become thecentreof expertise for operations within our product enablement groups, and within our engineering groups.The team at the GOC knows Operations, they’re the leaders, they’re the best and they’re a great crew,” he said.