If you’ve been on Twitter today, you probably would’ve seen that it’s World Emoji Day – which, in my world, is reason to celebrate!

While you may think it trite to celebrate those little icons we use to represent our feelings, I think it demonstrates a cultural shift much larger than you or I. 

Once upon a time the world used to be a pretty visual place; with literacy being a skill for the rich and religious. But all that shifted with the advent of the printing press and a revolution began!

Now we find ourselves facing a similar shift, with image based communication (think memes and emoji’s) taking centre stage – and it’s pretty amazing to watch.

So when we heard it was World Emoji Day, we knew we had to take part! Because these days it’s a big part of how we connect.

To celebrate, we asked our followers to take a selfie of themselves impersonating their favourite emoji and share it with us. It’s been non-stop laughs all day!

So get on board and share your emoji face with us – we’d love to see what you’ve got!

Fun emoji fact!

World Emoji Day falls on July 17th because that’s the date shown on the calendar emoji, making it effectively the only date you can express in emoji. But News.com.au broke the story earlier today that this may not be, in fact, true… which obviously fills us with shock and horror!

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