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We back the next generation of digital citizens and makers. With our partners we’re building STEAM and digital citizenship skills in classrooms and public libraries across Australia.

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Telstra Thanks® - Telstra Play Smart Program - Sports and Cyber Security

Play Smart on and off the field with Australia’s favourite players

By Jacqui Conder April 27, 2018
Telstra Foundation

Help your kids to code and break a world record!

By Dr Ken Silburn August 9, 2017
Technology For Kids

Coding for kids: Why rugby league isn’t the only code for these Cowboys

By Ray Thompson July 12, 2017
Technology For Kids

Is Bob (not Fred) the robot of the future?

By Kelly Rafferty April 20, 2017
Technology For Kids

A world of code

By Serina Gill November 30, 2016
Technology For Kids

In pictures: Picasso’s Weeping Woman comes to life at the NGV

By Jackie Coates October 6, 2016
Technology For Kids

Artist Jess Bush on collaborating with kids and the wonder of tech

By Rick Molinsky August 7, 2016
Technology For Kids

Moonhack: calling all kids for world-record attempt

By Annie Parker July 12, 2016
Technology For Kids

Kids Give Their Verdict on Tech

By Sam Perry February 16, 2016
Technology For Kids

Kids & Tech: turning digital consumers into digital makers

By Shelly Gorr February 1, 2016
Technology For Kids

Why Kids Should Learn to Code

By Joanne Jacobs May 22, 2015
Technology For Kids