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Never too old: how thousands of seniors are discovering the joy of the internet

By Telstra Sustainability Team April 28, 2022
A solar farm in the Northern Territory of Australia

More climate action: getting serious about reducing supplier and customer emissions

By Andrew Penn December 8, 2021

Five things we learned in our first year of being carbon neutral

By Tom Penny July 8, 2021

Five ways we’re designing for a better environment

By Tom Penny May 27, 2021
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Sunset from atop Bluff Knoll, a mountain in the Stirling Ranges National Park, located in the south west of Western Australia, Australia.

We’re close to being carbon neutral

By Andrew Penn June 16, 2020
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Wind and solar farm, Australia

Carbon neutral from this year, enabling 100% renewable energy by 2025, and reducing absolute emissions 50% by 2030 – we’re acting on climate change

By Andrew Penn March 4, 2020
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Solar Farm - Emerald Solar Park

Stepping up to meet the challenge of climate change

By Andrew Penn December 19, 2019
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From intern to full-time: how we’re helping Indigenous students find their fit

From intern to full-time: how we’re helping Indigenous students find their fit

By Kylie Fuller November 20, 2019
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Why I’m stepping up again for Steptember

By Tim O'Leary September 17, 2019
2019 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

Working to make society more digitally included

By Andrew Penn September 17, 2019
Wear It Purple Day panel - Telstra

Why we support Wear It Purple

By Kylie Fuller August 30, 2019