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Telstra Graduate Program 2020

Our 2020 graduates take their marks on our new grad program

By Kate Stewart February 14, 2020
Telstra Careers
TelstrAbility Employee Representative Group hosted a panel on accessibility in Sydney and Melbourne to hear about how we can build a connected future so everyone can thrive

A connected future is an accessible future

By Jason Triolo December 3, 2019
Dylan and Leon Radcliffe, second-time dad

Our new dads embrace our parental leave policy

By Kylie Fuller December 2, 2019
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From intern to full-time: how we’re helping Indigenous students find their fit

From intern to full-time: how we’re helping Indigenous students find their fit

By Kylie Fuller November 20, 2019
Telstra Careers

My round-the-world journey to Telstra

By Gagan Singh October 2, 2019
Telstra Careers

Five years on: balancing work and life with All Roles Flex

By Alex Badenoch September 18, 2019
Telstra Careers
Father playing with his children in the living room for Father's Day

All dads flex: celebrating inclusion and flexibility this Father’s Day

By Kylie Fuller August 30, 2019
Sharing parental leave and maintaining a career

Creating equality for new parents

By Alex Badenoch July 1, 2019

From intern to Pen Testing lead – meet Ben

By Jarrod Cardy June 24, 2019

Starting a career in UX

By Bettina Marson June 11, 2019
Cameron Young - Product Marketing Senior Specialist - Flexible working at Telstra, working at home with his young son

Flexing big for World Flexible Working Day

By KL Lambert May 22, 2019