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A New Era for iPhone with 5G, Telstra to Offer iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 from October 23

By Telstra News October 17, 2020

Meet the power-packed new 5G Google Pixel 5

By Luke Hopewell October 1, 2020
Female hospital patient with digital tablet, smiling

Keeping hospital patients connected to their loved ones

By Michael Ackland September 18, 2020

How to prepare and stay connected during disaster season

By Dr Ben Gursansky September 17, 2020
Bringing life back to Melbourne streets with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G - Brolga & Mulga

Bringing life back to Melbourne streets with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

By Luke Hopewell August 28, 2020
Tech and Innovation
Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G

Hands-on with the Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G: the work-hard/play-hard superphone

By Luke Hopewell August 21, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note20 - 20 Ultra

Samsung Note20 5G and Note20 Ultra 5G: portable PC power meets 5G speed

By Luke Hopewell August 6, 2020
Netgear Orbi 4GX Router with “Satellite”

Internet made easy with the Netgear Orbi 4GX Router with Satellite

By Andrew Stormont August 5, 2020
Wall to wall Wi-Fi coverage guarantee

We’re guaranteeing whole-of-home Wi-Fi coverage

By Michele Garra July 17, 2020
Working from home office with laptop

How we’re helping deliver better in-home Wi-Fi coverage

By Luke Hopewell July 3, 2020
Woman working from home on mobile phone, laptop and coffee

How to monitor and optimise your home broadband

By Luke Hopewell June 30, 2020