Telstra’s new strategy, built around four strategic pillars that will be the priority for our business over the next three years.

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Less talk, more action: how we’re getting things done with Microsoft Teams

By Richard French December 5, 2019
Tech and Innovation
TelstrAbility Employee Representative Group hosted a panel on accessibility in Sydney and Melbourne to hear about how we can build a connected future so everyone can thrive

A connected future is an accessible future

By Jason Triolo December 3, 2019
Dylan and Leon Radcliffe, second-time dad

Our new dads embrace our parental leave policy

By Kylie Fuller December 2, 2019
Telstra News
Telstra Plus Entertainment

Stuff your stocking with 1 million Telstra Plus points

By Michael Ackland November 29, 2019
1 millionth Telstra Plus member and 1 million points winner

And our Telstra Plus million points winner is…

By Graeme Crozier November 7, 2019
Tech and Innovation
Xbox All Access Gaming and Telstra

Getting our head in the game

By Michael Ackland October 29, 2019
We’re positioned for growth into 2020 - Looking back at our 2019 AGM

Looking back at our 2019 AGM

By Luke Hopewell October 15, 2019
Telstra News
Young couple on the mobile phone

One million Telstra Plus members, and one very lucky winner

By Michael Ackland October 11, 2019

Tackling the changing face of customer service

By Andrew Penn September 13, 2019
Tech and Innovation
Telstra Business Technology Centre - Melbourne

Bringing our business technology expertise to more customers across Melbourne

By Michael Ackland August 28, 2019
Business and Enterprise

A pivotal year: our 2019 financial results show strong progress on T22

By Telstra News August 15, 2019
Financial Results