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Amanthi R Thudugalage - Telstra Intern to Networks Engineer

An internship with Telstra helped me discover my passion

By Amanthi Thudugalage July 20, 2020
Telstra Careers
Ankita in an online team meeting

An insight into working in Telstra’s virtual team environment

By Ankita Suryavanshi June 15, 2020
Telstra Careers
Skye Wu working at her desk at Telstra

My advice for female techies looking to grow their career

By Skye Wu June 8, 2020
Telstra Careers

How to improve your work-from-home experience

By Luke Hopewell March 15, 2020
How To
Sakshi Banerjee shares her top leadership tips

Four leadership tips I’d give my 20-year-old self

By Sakshi Banerjee March 12, 2020
Telstra Careers
Bettina Marson is passionate about supporting women in technology roles.

Inspiring the next generation of women in tech

By Bettina Marson March 5, 2020
Telstra Careers
How Monique i riding the tech wave to help our customers thrive

How I’m riding the tech wave to help our customers thrive

By Monique Calleja-Kiefer February 27, 2020
Telstra Careers
Telstra Graduate Program 2020

Our 2020 graduates take their marks on our new grad program

By Kate Stewart February 14, 2020
Telstra Careers
Ezra Aydin speaking with customers at Telstra Vantage

Balancing business smarts and tech know-how as a Telstra Graduate

By Ezra Aydin February 6, 2020
Telstra Careers
Colleagues collaborating and brainstorming with post-it notes, laptop

Rethinking your learning and career development

By Alex Badenoch February 3, 2020

Five ways Agile ways of working can improve your personal life

By Natalie Sutton January 23, 2020
Telstra Careers