Since the dawn of video games back in the ‘70s, sports games have been a yearly guarantee. Basketball, golf and even cricket are all available right now on Xbox Game Pass for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Whatever your passion is, Xbox has got you covered – sporting ability and professional fitness not required.

Imagine this: it’s the final quarter, you’re at home, controller in hand, squaring off against the TV on the other side of the room. The crowd is yelling, the lights are bright – you just have to sink that last basket. Sounds just like the real thing, right?

Flying in with the jump shot is NBA 2K20 – an absolute classic since the year 2000. 2K20 brings all the fun of courts, nets and shots straight to you! Relive championship matches such as Lakers vs Knicks or Bulls vs Heat and play them out how you imagine. Or if you’ve ever dreamed of playing in the NBA yourself and think yourself an absolute star, create your own player and dominate the courts and help them rise to the top of the league to become the next big name in basketball.

NBA 2K20 - Xbox

Bringing in a flashback from childhood Golf with Your Friends is here to provide many hours of entertainment! Whether you just want to muck around on the green with your mates, or are lining up that professional trick shot for a hole in one, you can do it all here. Jump straight into the action with classic mode – which is the mini golf we all know and love, where standard rules apply – or if you’re up for a challenge, try your luck at party mode! With party mode you can now hit other balls out of the way to better your chances, collect power ups to change the game completely; just make sure to watch out for traps along the way to your victory.

Coming in clutch – since we probably won’t see a proper match for quite some time now – is Ashes Cricket. Take Australia to the top in a standard league bracket (Or England, if you must…) and smash the competition, or even take your own star player through their career and make them the next big name in cricket since Don Bradman. Whatever your play style Ashes Cricket can provide hours and hours of fun, either on your own or with your mates online. The pitch is calling so download it now on Xbox Game Pass.

Ashes Cricket - Xbox

Even without many sports running at the moment, there’s no reason to let your passion and drive for them fade. Up the ante and competition with these fun sports titles which are all available right now on Xbox Game Pass; I hope I’ll see you on the courts, the greens and the pitch!

You can take on the challenge of all these sporting codes through Xbox All Access, our gaming bundle package that includes an Xbox One X or One S console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for digital access to a huge line-up of titles.