Our homes are becoming more connected than ever with smart technology like Google Nest devices, and we can make them even smarter with innovative and useful features that allow you to use your technology in the way that suits you best.

Last year we became the first mobile carrier in the world to offer outbound calling on Google Home/Nest devices through the launch of Voice Activated Calling, so we’re happy to say that you can now take inbound calls now too!

It’s really simple – once you’re set up, your Google Nest device will announce who is calling (if it’s one of your mobile contacts), and all you have to do is say “Hey Google, answer call” to get connected.

It’s the ultimate hands-free solution if you’re busy in the kitchen, or your mobile is out of reach. It helps you to efficiently multitask as we juggle different things at home in these difficult times, whether talking to family and friends, or taking work calls.

Speaking of “out of reach”, if you happen to have misplaced your phone (make sure you check under the sofa cushion), you can ask Google to call your own number to locate it.

We know the addition of inbound call answering will be just as useful and convenient as the outbound feature, and with hundreds of ‘Triple Zero’ emergency calls made since we launched, it proves how valuable more clever and connected devices in the home can be in situations like that.

Setting up is easy using the Google Home app, where you can select up to six different mobile numbers in the home.

You can configure which Google Nest devices you wish to add to your smart phone ring group in settings in your Google Home App. You can even activate a Do Not Disturb feature when you don’t want to be interrupted.

Your voice can answer calls on your Google Nest Mini, Home, Home Max, Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max regardless of where your mobile is located or even if it is turned off.

Google Nest devices use the same number as your mobile phone but operates independently and can be used as a second line if your mobile device is in use, so it’s perfect for taking two calls at once if you’re Mr or Mrs Popular.

We’re currently the only telco in Australia to partner with Google in bringing this clever and new way to connect. It’s yet another part of our commitment to provide the best network and best technology to help everyone to thrive.