One of our key interstate cables in New South Wales was seriously damaged overnight by fire, causing intermittent service interruptions in several States.

A fibre repair team was rushed to the site, east of Orange, and all impacted services including some impact to Emergency 000 have now been restored.

We take our responsibilities to connect people very seriously, particularly with E000, and we deeply apologise for the impact to services.

The disruption commenced at approximately 2:00am. Impacted routers were restored about 4:50am and services progressively restored to normal. The cable was fixed at approximately 11:00am with other services coming back online after that.

Our initial inspection showed significant fire damage consistent with a lightning strike. We will complete a full investigation to verify the cause of the fire.

Most call traffic was successfully diverted to alternative cables and equipment. However, an issue occurred with the routing of some traffic which resulted in intermittent disruptions to E000 calls. A number of our business and government customers experienced some disruption to voice and data services, including EFTPOS.

Our initial investigation shows a key piece of router equipment did not respond as intended which resulted in some traffic not re-routing as expected. This is the focus of our investigation.

If any customers are still experiencing issues with their service we encourage them to contact a Telstra customer service representative. We remain vigilant to ensure there are no subsequent issues from this morning’s cable damage. We continue to work closely with emergency services providers in each State.

We take pride in the resilience of our network and would obviously not want any interruptions to ever occur.