I’m excited to let you know that from today we are bringing our customers’ homes to life with some new plans that will give a whole new meaning to the famous saying “there’s no place like home.”

Telstra’s enticing new suite of phone, broadband, and entertainment bundles are set to make battles over the TV remote a thing of the past and restore peace in the home. We are adding the Foxtel Go app to our Entertainment bundles which can turn tablets and smartphones into second TV screens in the home.

The new bundles are the evolution of our popular Entertainer range and include telephony, broadband, Foxtel from Telstra and the Foxtel Go app. And, customers who don’t already have a T-Box, get a new one for free. This is great value.

The launch comes as Telstra releases its third Connected Home Index that shows thirty per cent of Australians would opt to watch TV on their connected smartphone or tablet if they had the chance and didn’t like what people are watching on the household TV.

We know more Australians are using their mobile devices to consume entertainment in the home.

The research has highlighted the rising trend of consuming content on various devices at the one time with 70 percent of Australians admitting to multi-screening and one in three of these saying they do it daily.

The most common device combinations for multi-screening are TV and Smartphone (33%) followed closely by TV and Tablet (28%) and TV and laptop (27%).

When Telstra launched the first suite of Entertainment bundles in 2013, one in three of our bundles customers took up the plans because they gave them more value and entertainment options. These new bundles will give our customers the ability to create more TV screens in the home with the addition of Foxtel Go across selected entertainer bundles range while retaining the high quality services they love in home phone and broadband.

Our new bundles will allow our customers to realise the full benefits of their Telstra products and services by bundling all their phone, broadband and entertainment needs together.

These improvements will not only help our customers navigate their household needs it will also make it easier for us to tailor the best solution to suit those needs and give our customers access to the world’s best products and services.

I’m really excited we are able to provide our customers with the things we know they want, more entertainment across more devices.

To take up one of our bundles, please visit the Telstra website.