Flinders and Cape Barren Islands have received an $11 million dollar network upgrade, with our funding joined by local, state and Federal Government investment to provide the region with improved communications and mobile network connectivity. This puts Flinders on the map and ensures its connected future, giving it the foundations for a thriving economic and tourism industry.

Flinders Island, one of 52 islands in the Furneaux Group dotted across the Bass Strait north east of Tasmania, has had an $11 million telecommunications upgrade, funded as part of the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) giving locals and visitors the chance to experience better connectivity than ever before.

One of the key parts of this project is a new radio tower – 100 kilometres north-east of Launceston at Waterhouse – which creates the longest radio link across water anywhere on our network, connecting Flinders and Cape Barren Islands with Tasmania and the rest of the world.

At 80m tall, the new radio tower is Tassie’s third largest structure and required over 39 tonnes of steel, 3,000 bolts and a 300-tonne crane to build.

Not to be overshadowed by the epic new tower, we’ve also installed about 83km of new optical fibre to link major population centres on Flinders Island, along with two new-generation microwave radio systems.

We’ve also upgraded our mobile base station sites at Mt Tanner, Middle Patriarch, Hayes Hill and Vinegar Hill, jumping from 3G to superfast 4GX. And there are four new speedy mobile base stations at Killecrankie, Palana, Blue Rocks and Cape Barren Island to extend the reach of our leading network to more people.

With the final part of the project being completed in April 2020, we now cover 98.7 per cent of Tasmania’s population using more than 300 mobile sites across our southernmost state.

This project has boosted the connectivity for the locals on the island and provided much improved mobile and internet services, which are vital to a region that thrives on tourism. The upgrades lay the groundwork for the network into the future, including scalable solutions for the local school, hospital and emergency services. Flinders Island is now ready to embrace a digital future.

There’s no two ways about it: Telstra is Australia’s go-to regional network. We have a proud history of supporting regional and rural customers. This upgrade links Flinders Island to Australia and the world, bringing new opportunities to live, work and play for the island’s residents and visitors alike.