The way we are watching sport is changing. We already get live access to content while we’re on the move or away from home. But in the near future, high speed networks and the latest mobile technologies will really bring the game to life.

Virtual Reality (VR) is at the forefront of the sports viewing evolution, as content providers strive to put you in the middle of live experiences – not just in your lounge room but from wherever in the world you may be.

It’s not about sitting down and watching on a screen; VR is completely immersive. You can be on the sidelines with your favourite teams – seeing footballs soaring through posts, bails flying off stumps and netballs gliding through hoops – all from the 6.35pm train on your way home from work. You just need a VR headset, a smartphone and a mobile network which streams the game to you uninterrupted.

Picture the VR broadcast, with the game playing out around you, fully produced with commentators, multiple camera angles, and all the statistical information you spent your childhood memorising now optimised in graphics right in front of you.

When half time comes, the experience doesn’t stop because the siren has sounded. Game breaks will be filled with the same entertainment you would see at the game, with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary designed specially for VR viewers.

Are we ready for this whole new world of sports? The stats show that we are – AFL and NRL live streams per round are tipped to break the 3 million stream mark in the 2017 season, highlighting our growing appetite to watch live sport on our devices.

As rapid advancements in technology bring even more innovative ways to watch, and feel part of, the game, that demand will grow even more.

We’re building a network of the future to unlock the potential this technology can bring, so you can continue to experience the best of your favourite sports in ground breaking ways.

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