We know that Melbourne’s streets and landmarks are deserted right now due to lockdown restrictions in the state. That means nobody’s out and about enjoying the incredible street art on offer all over town. To brighten your day, we’re bringing the vibrant art of Melbourne’s streets to you with our virtual art gallery, all thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G features the incredible new S-Pen, and also packs in our incredible 5G. Put the two in the hands of some incredible artists and you have the recipe for an incredible real-time collaboration.

Melbourne-based illustrator Brolga and Sydney-based artist Mulga are showing the power of the new device and our new 5G to build out bare Melbourne streetscapes with bright, illustrated scenes on this, the week of Melbourne’s 185th birthday.

Using the Note20 Ultra over our 5G network means that they can collaborate better than ever, despite being separated by vast distances. Their creations bring colour, creativity and life back to Melbourne’s once-buzzing cityscape, which has been left bare and devoid of energy.

With technology, we’re showcasing the talents of two Australian artists, while demonstrating that we can keep Australians connected, even if they’re apart. The possibilities 5G offers is extensive. Its potential to deliver high speeds and low latency can enable not only fast download speeds for our customers, but also unlocks capacity for thousands of new devices working together on our network.

The two artists used the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G to create these stunning works, and will collaborate live via Telstra 5G to create another incredible work.


Check out our hands-on with the Note20 Ultra 5G on Telstra Exchange.