When was the last time you visited your local art gallery? Weeks? Months? Ever? We believe art is for everyone, which is why we’ve sponsored the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and the promotion of the Museum’s Bella program, bringing creative programs to the community.

Believe it or not, art isn’t for the few. It’s for the many. The more people who experience art, the more people can exchange culture, stories and history. It’s a look at where we’ve been, and information on where we’re going.

Art galleries don’t belong to rich collectors. They’re public spaces that are for everyone, regardless of race, age, creed or ability. That’s why ensuring that everyone knows they can access and engage with these spaces in a free and accessible way is crucial.

We want to empower Australia to have these connections and discussions, so we can all share in the great cultural exchange. Our belief in art for everyone is why we’re sponsoring the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Bella program is a suite of free creative programs for people of all ages with disability or access requirements. They’re an engaging and inspirational experience that bring the stories, history and cultural significance of art closer.

More importantly, Bella programs offer diverse audiences accessible and welcoming experiences through connection to contemporary art.

Established in 1993 and continued to this day, the Bella program went from being a one-day annual workshop to a range of accessible programs offered all year round.

The program is the namesake of Belinda Jackson, the late daughter of establishing MCA patrons, Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM and Dr Edward Jackson AM.

Everyone from school groups through to family, and adults through Bella Plus, can access the Bella program, with each program individually tailored to support the access and interest needs of participants.

Bella programs are developed and delivered by friendly and experienced MCA artist educators promoting accessible, flexible experiences of contemporary art for everyone. They’re specifically tailored to the needs of each group taking the classes, to make sure they get the most out of the experience.

You can watch our video to find out exactly what Bella classes mean for those who have taken them.

Bella programs include:

  • Bella Schools
  • Bella Groups
  • Bella Family
  • Bella Plus Groups
  • Bella Plus Connect
  • Bella Plus Art Partners

Our sponsorship is one of the ways we want to connect Australians together. You can learn more about why we’re doing what we’re doing in our new campaign below.