Running out of mobile data partway through the month might seem like a first world problem, but having to ration your music, video, and podcast streaming, or keeping across the latest from friends and family on social media when you’re on the go can be pretty tough for some.

That’s why we’ve begun giving a number of our mobile customers bonus data, to help keep up with the many new and different ways we all use our phones.

We know this – that’s why in keeping with our T22 strategy to remove pain points for you, we’re giving over a million eligible customers between 15GB and 60GB of extra data per month, so you can do more of what you love without feeling the pressure of reaching your data limit earlier.

We know how easy it is to smash through a gig of data – imagine a day where you’re listening to Spotify while you work, catching up on what your friends are up to on Facebook and Insta, and checking your email – and that’s before you start streaming Netflix on the bus ride home! Tack on a couple of app updates and a Snapchat or two and it all starts to add up.

The way we use our phones and computers is constantly changing, and the things you find you do with your mobile data today might be vastly different than when you signed up for your current mobile plan, as new apps or the extra features of a new phone quickly become everyday habits.

How do I know if I’m eligible for bonus data?

This offer isn’t available to everyone. You’ll know you’re being gifted this bonus data by email or SMS.

We’ll be rolling out this extra data in three phases between now and January – around 150,000 of you have already received the good news, while another 350,000 will from late August, and the rest of our lucky eligible customers will have extra data added later this year.

In case you missed our big news

Announced in June, all of our in-market mobile plans for consumers and small businesses offer no lock-in, the freedom to change your plan once a month, no excess data charges in Australia, and the ability to personalise your plan through add-ons, including 24- and 36-month device repayment options.