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Blog For Good

Telstra News

Posted on March 21, 2011

4 min read

I love it when a plan comes together. Or in this case when a plan emerges from a coffee, a chat and a general willingness to leave the world a better place than we found it.

You see, we were lucky to work with Darren Rowse, highly acclaimed ProBlogger, when he undertook an important project alongside CBM Australia to see if he could use his online footprint to do good in the world.

CBM-logo-blog-contentDubbed “The Tanzanian Blog Project” Darren travelled to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to observe the work of CBM and CCCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania) – the largest provider of disability and rehabilitation services in that country.

Darren shared the experience with us through his blog and via Telstra Exchange.  His stories from Tanzania made us think “What if everyone used their blog for good?” Hence the project we call Blog For Good was born (see what we did there with the name?)

So what is Blog For Good?

Together with CBM and Problogger, Telstra will be hosting a new program that gives you an opportunity to be the next blogger to travel to a developing country in Africa.

Problogger-logo-blog-contentLike Darren, you could get to shine the light on people, places and situations that need attention and understanding. The lucky blogger will travel to a country in Africa to learn more about what needs to change and share what you see with your online audience.

We are finalising the terms and conditions right now and the prize will include:

  • A weeklong trip with CBM to a country in Africa (to be determined)
  • Training from CBM on what to do, how to act, how to behave in that country
  • Return Economy Airfare,  Accommodation, Meals

We will post the Terms and Conditions soon so you can read the fine print.

I should also mention that sadly, employees and contractors that work for Telstra or its subsidiaries, are not eligible to enter this  competition.

Blog For Good Coaching sessions with Problogger Darren Rowse

But that’s not all. Throughout 2011, Darren will be conducting free of charge Blog For Good Coaching sessions in person and online to show you how to increase your online audience. So by the time we call for entries to the competition in December, you’ll have the benefit of Darren’s wisdom and experience to help support your entry.

The first Blog For Good Coaching session is in Melbourne on Tuesday March 29th at The Order of Melbourne. See below for registration details.


Now: Time to get excited about Blog For Good. You can see some of Darren’s material from his trip here.

March 29: Our first free of charge Blog For Good Coaching event in Melbourne. Event details and registration for the first coaching session with Darren Rowse here.

First in best dressed and you will need to buy your own drinks (sorry!)

April-Nov: Work hard on your blog, increase your Klout score, come to a few more Blog for Good Coaching sessions to learn even more from Darren. Keep an eye on this site and follow us on @Telstra_news for information on upcoming Blog For Good Coaching sessions

December 1: We open entries to the competition on this site for you to become our 2012 Blog For Good Ambassador. We will give you plenty of warning closer to December 1 and make sure you’re fully aware of the judging criteria

Jan 2012: We announce the name of our 2012 Blog for Good Ambassador

Feb 2012: You could be jetting off to a country in Africa to Blog For Good and follow in Darren’s footsteps

Make sure you keep an eye on Telstra Exchange and the follow Twitter handle @Telstra_news for updates on this exciting new project.