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Billboard of Love, our Valentine’s Day card to you

Telstra News

Posted on February 14, 2014

3 min read

When the 14th of February rolls around each year I always feel two emotions at once: dread and excitement.

I feel dread because I really, really, really don’t like public displays of affection (PDAs). I don’t like seeing them and I don’t like being involved in them.

Yes, that means that throughout my life I have missed out on those cute sunset moments and friends and family think I’m dead inside but when it comes to PDAs just… NO. I CAN’T.

Having said that, I’m still female and I can’t control that twinge of the heart strings I get around Valentine’s Day.

But if I hate PDAs, where does the warm fuzzy feelings come from I hear you ask?

It comes from a specific type of PDA.

First off – yes, I’m nuts and I know I should spend a lot of money sitting on a red chaise longue trying to get to the deep deep emotional crux of the issue. But in my defense, it really is only one type of PDA I think is cute.

As part of my role at Telstra I help the Billboard of Love come to life each year – this is an acceptable PDA!

Telstra <3's customers

I like it because it can be cute and funny. I like it because it is a huge 26 metre high PDA but the people involved in the PDA are named and NOT seen.

I like it because three weeks before Valentine’s Day I start to get emails asking if it’s happening again.

I feel like it’s my own Valentine’s Day card to Melbourne – a city I love.

This year I got one special email from a Telstra staff member. He wanted to know if it was going to happen again because he wants to use it to ask a huge, life changing question – what better way to do it than on a huge billboard.

While I would be embarrassed by this kind of PDA I think this type of courage is amazing and I’m so excited I could help my colleague bring this to life.

So tonight, if you are passing through Bourke St Mall you may just see a big question on a big billboard!

I feel both dread and excitement. I wonder how he feels! Good luck Mr T!

  • Text your name _space_and your Valentine’s name to 0499 MY LOVE (0499 695 683) to declare your love to the world. Standard SMS charges apply.

Billboard of Love Terms of Use

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