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Big Cloud, small start-up, and the future of Australian economy

Tech and Innovation

Posted on May 23, 2013

2 min read

Telstra’s Cloud Services, such as infrastructure and application solutions, serve many enterprises, medium and small businesses in Australia.

In this post I would like to highlight another type of customer- the Start-Up.

According to a PWC report, the start-up sector could help save the Australian economy once the mining boom goes bust. Their report shows that entrepreneurs could provide an injection of $109 billion and 540,000 jobs to Australia by 2033.

Telstra assists technology start-ups in Australia to grow in many ways by providing services, opportunities for scale and even options for capital investment via the Telstra Applications and Ventures Group.

With a particular focus on cloud solutions for businesses, here is an example of a local start-up company that is leveraging Telstra’s Cloud Services to provide secure and reliable solutions to their customers.

IntelligenceBank is a Melbourne based technology start-up company providing Cloud Information Management Solutions.

Being a cloud based start-up, Tessa Court, the CEO and founder of IntelligenceBank and her team had to choose a cloud platform to build their solution on.

One of IntelligenceBank’s leading solutions enables companies’ boards  to securely share board packs with audit trail, annotations, resolution workflow and conflict of interest register.

Such critical and sensitive information has to reside on a reliable and secure cloud platform in Australia, hosted by an Australian owned company. These were some of the reasons why IntelligenceBank chose to build and offer their solution on Telstra’s cloud platform.

I certainly hope to see IntelligenceBank succeed and be one of many local technology start-ups who according to PWC will shape the Australian economy in the next two decades.

Check out Telstra’s Cloud Services at: and see how it can help your business grow.