Many of you might remember the television program that ran from the 1980s and 1990s called ‘Beyond 2000’.  I remember everyone at the time being enthralled with what might be possible thanks to technology when the clocks ticked over to the new millennium.  The year 2000 seemed the distant future at the time!

The internet as we know it today did not even exist then but that didn’t stop people thinking about driverless cars, hover boards, and robots that would cook us meals and clean the house. Well fast forward to present day, 16 years beyond 2000, and it is reasonable to say we are in a place where some of these concepts have become or are in the process of becoming a reality.

So it only seems fitting that the next logical question is what is next? What can we expect Beyond 2020?

Telstra in conjunction with Beyond Productions and Channel Seven have joined together to bring Beyond 2020 to televisions screens in two great episodes.

The first episode airs on Monday 14 November at 8.40pm and episode two on Monday 21 November at 9.30pm on Seven.

The program explores everything from the Internet of Things, to robotics, drones and driverless cars, to virtual and augmented reality, to the future of online shopping.  Plus all the exciting developments in smart home, which is close to my heart.

The Beyond team circled the globe to bring the best of the best in technology and talent to the program, including some inspiring folks from Telstra including our Group Executive Technology,  Innovation and Strategy, Stephen Elop, and muru-D co-founder, Annie Parker.

Sneak Peek!

We have been able to get our hands on some ‘behind the scenes’ footage prior to the show going to air – take a sneak peek at the video above. See how your life will be transformed with this exclusive look at our future. See Australia Beyond 2020, Monday 21 November, 9.30 pm.