With the nbn now available to more than six million homes and businesses, the number of connected devices we use continues to grow. Aussies expect to be able to get online anywhere – even in surrounding properties like yards, garages, and bungalows.

The Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster has been tailor-made for our customers to help bring a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection to more areas around the home or office that a standard modem’s Wi-Fi signal can’t reach.

At my house, we’ve always struggled to get a Wi-Fi signal in the front bedroom from the modem set up towards the back of the house. With the Smart Wi-Fi Booster, I’ve now got full coverage in the front room for the first time.

Stronger connections

Using the latest Wi-Fi technology, the Smart Wi-Fi Booster essentially acts like a second modem: if you’re browsing the web or making a call over Wi-Fi while moving around the house, it will automatically switch to the stronger Wi-Fi source.

The seamless transition between boosters is a key advantage over existing Wi-Fi extenders that require you to manually choose which Wi-Fi point you want to connect to or wait for the signal to drop completely before switching over to the extender.

The drop in service is enough to cut a call using Voice over Wi-Fi or Skype, make websites much slower to load and causing videos to buffer. With Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster, you can do all of these things with fewer interruptions in more places.

Smart placement

You can also improve your in-home Wi-Fi coverage significantly by knowing where to place a booster.

We’ve found many of our customers naturally want to place a booster at the edge of their Wi-Fi coverage, but in reality, placing it where coverage has just started to drop off but is still relatively strong can provide a much better overall experience.

Easy setup and interconnected devices

As smart home technology grows in popularity, the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster will also help connect smart devices to Wi-Fi that may not have reached before like an outdoor camera or a motion sensor in the garage.

To help make this easier, we’ve updated our free Telstra Home Dashboard app (iOS/Android) which walks you through a few simple steps to find the best areas in your home to set up the booster.

The Smart Wi-Fi Booster comes in a pack of two with:

  1. one booster connected to the modem, and
  2. booster two placed in another area of the house where the Wi-Fi signal starts to drop off.

You can purchase the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster online for $180 outright or $7.50/month over 24 months, and in Telstra Stores nationwide.