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The best Christmas TV shows

Telstra News

Posted on November 30, 2016

4 min read

Watching hours upon hours of classic television has become just as much of a festive tradition as scoffing down mince pies or turkey sandwiches on Christmas night.

This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to slip on a cloak of nostalgia and to dip back into the extensive libraries of Netflix, Stan, and Foxtel and treat yourself to a few festive favourites from yesteryear.

So as the yuletide season approaches faster than a big fat guy in a big red sleigh, we’re giving you a run-down of some of the best Christmas TV specials, with some of your all-time favourites from comedy classics to Sci Fi romps…


Doctor Who – The Snowmen   

Doctor Who’s Christmas specials have become a tradition, eagerly awaited each year by fans of the good Doctor around the world.

In this edition, the Doctor (Matt Smith) retires to the favourite era of Christmas specials past; Victorian England, where he meets new sidekick Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). Together they battle a bunch of killer snowmen (voiced by full-time theatrical legend and part time Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen) keen to take over the world.

All that stands between them is some frozen human DNA and the Doctor. Will the Doctor save the day? It’s highly likely, but you’ll have to tune in to find out…

Catch it, and other Doctor Who episodes on Foxtel’s Syfy


Black Mirror – White Christmas

In keeping with the Sci Fi theme, Black Mirror is an anthology show, known for its twisted interpretation of the not-so-distant future where the horrors of technology have gone horribly awry.

Although wrapped up in colourful paper and a pretty bow ‘White Christmas,’ is perhaps one of the most dystopic episodes in all of the three Black Mirror anthologies. After living in an isolated cabin for five years, Matt (Jon Hamm) and Potter (Rafe Spall, son of veteran actor Timothy) exchange stories on how they were driven into isolation over a lovely Christmas meal.

It becomes apparent that something much darker is lingering under the surface, waiting to be revealed. This Christmas special will definitely get your brain ticking.

Dive deep into the meaning of modern life with Black Mirror on Netflix


Welcome to Chrismukkah with The OC

Alright team, it’s time to lighten the mood a little – it is Chrismukkah after all right? What’s Chrismukkah?

This term coined by The OC’s darling Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) as a way to marry the religious holidays of his Catholic mother (Kelly Rowan) and Jewish father (Peter Gallagher), has now entered the popular vernacular and it is literally a mishmash of the best holidays from the two religions.

The OC ran from 2003-2006, and in that time became known for its seasonal Chrismukkah specials (there are 4 in total), and we highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

You can settle in and introduce yourself to the magic of Chrismukkah with a subscription to Stan.


Downton Abbey

There’s nothing quite like a slice of good old British nostalgia to get you in the mood for Christmas. And although audiences around the world are no longer privy to the upstairs and downstairs goings on of everyone’s favourite stately home, that doesn’t mean you can’t binge watch all six seasons of Downton Abbey, and do it all again.

But, we digress, after all this is an article about the best Christmas specials – and boy oh boy did Downton Abbey have those on lockdown; five of them in total.

Each season would end in an absolute cliffhanger, leaving audiences to tune in to Downton’s 90min festive special to find out who ended up with who and what scandals may be in store for the coming season.

Would Lady Mary, the Siamese cat amongst entitled women get her double cream? Would the magic of Christmas bring miserable Mr Barrow the happiness he was always searching for? Would obnoxious Cousin Isobel and Dickie Merton end up in wedded bliss? If you haven’t treated yourself to Downton Abbey yet, we won’t spoil it for you…

Treat yourself to Downton Abbey’s five Christmas specials on Netflix


Check out Christmas comedy classic eps from Seinfeld, Family Guy, and 30 Rock, on Foxtel. There’s Sherlock, The Office Christmas Specials (1+2) and Community over on Stan, Australian favourite A Moody Christmas, and star filled special A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix.

Merry Christmas Binge watchers!

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