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The best Christmas gifts for tech-savvy kids


Posted on December 21, 2018

1 min read

Christmas is a time for giving, and we all know there’s no-one more deserving – or sometimes demanding! – than the children in our lives. And those kids inevitably want the latest, greatest, flashiest presents, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite high-tech gifts here.

  • 1. Harry Potter Kano Coding Wand

    Everyone who’s watched Harry Potter has imagined owning their own wand, intricately personalised for their own special brand of magic. Now you can do that with the Kano Coding Wand – plug it into your tablet or computer, and learn to code using an easy interface of coding blocks. When you wave the wand, you’ll see your effects displayed on-screen!

    Buy the Harry Potter Kano Coding Wand here.

  • 2. Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit

    Build a moving R2-D2 droid from scratch with the Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit, using electronic blocks and the free Littlebits Droid Inventor app. You can customise your droid straight out of the box or re-configure it at any time, with challenges in the app pushing your children to learn along the way. It even has over 20 authentic R2-D2 sounds from the Star Wars films.

    Buy the Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit here.

  • 3. iFrogz Hearing Tuned Headphones

    iFrogz’ colourful headphones come in three distinctive designs – Unicorn, Bunny or Dragon – and each has its own stylish flourish on the headband. Whether your child is into How to Train Your Dragon or if they’re more of a Peter Rabbit type, these headphones are sure to be a hit in the Christmas stocking.

    Buy the iFrogz Hearing Tuned Headphones here.

  • 4. Telstra TV

    This one’s more of a gift for the whole family – but who’s complaining? Telstra TV gives you access to a huge range of streaming video, on-demand movies and TV, as well as live and catch-up TV. And Telstra TV also works with the Google Assistant if you have an Android smartphone or Google Home speaker, so your kids can talk their way into more screen time!

    Buy Telstra TV here.

  • 5. Kiipix Tomy Smartphone Printer + Film

    We take so many photos with our phones, but sharing them usually means posting to Facebook or Instagram. If you’re interested in giving your kids something a little more tangible and shareable with their friends, this Kiipax Tomy Smartphone Printer uses instant film to transform whatever’s on your smartphone screen to a Polaroid-style print-out.

    Buy the Kiipix Tomy Smartphone Printer + Film here.