We go behind the scenes as we prepare two of 2016’s most anticipated smartphones for release on the Telstra Mobile Network.

We rely on our mobiles virtually every waking hour. And so to ensure you get a great mobile experience we put every new smartphone we launch through a gruelling set of tests.

So when you purchase a new device from us, you can be assured that they’re Telstra tested. That means they meets our strict performance standards when it comes to features like calling, data, voice quality, Telstra branded app support and network compatibility.

The latest phones to be put through their paces were the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Here’s what happened.


Testing the new Galaxy 7 smartphones in numbers

  • We performed 3,360 unique types of tests for each phone – spanning things like protocol performance, antenna/receiver sensitivity tests, and user experience test as well as voice quality and data throughput testing.
  • Spent 1,068 person hours testing – if one person was to do it alone, it would take 134 working days! But to keep things moving quickly, we have a team of testers working in parallel.
  • We conducted 68 hours of drive testing each phone– driving handsets around urban and regional locations constantly testing voice and data services on our live network.
  • We made 4500 test voice calls
  • Transferred 530 GB of data on the road 1.1 TB of data in our labs – testing all the things you love to do on your phone like internet browsing, video streaming and different types of file transfers.

Through this testing process, both phones have secured our Blue Tick. This is especially great news for customers living in or visiting rural  and regional areas because they offer the best handheld coverage performance in regional coverage areas.

Great news. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones are here. Here’s why they’re the smartphones you’ve been waiting for.

 To get yours now, head to Telstra.com/galaxys7.